If at the time of this E3 2019 it seemed that the code name Scarlett designated a Microsoft Next-Gen console, the idea that two declinations are well planned comes back to the fore, thanks to a new investigation by Jason Schreier and Kotaku.

Since 2018 (Xbox Scarlett: Two models at launch? Update on new rumors), several sources converge on the possibility that under the name Scarlett there would be a model called Anaconda – a classic console with optical drive – another named Lockhart – without the possibility of reading any disk. Last June, an insider claimed that the idea had been abandoned (Rumour: Microsoft would be ready to abandon one of its two Scarlett consoles).

But Jason Schreier takes it from a developer that the Lockhart model is still planned. It would indeed be a machine without a drive, benefiting from an SSD, but also somewhat slimmed down in terms of performance, so that it comes with a more accessible entry price.

According to its source, in terms of raw graphics power, it would be at the level of a PS4 Pro, with a few special features, notably the main processor, which is much faster, allowing it to go higher and still believe in the future. Where the full Anaconda model would aim for an ideal 4K/60fps display, Lockhart would aim for 1440p/60fps.

Finally, the promotion of the console would be accompanied by a hype of the Xbox Game Pass offers and especially xCloud, a streaming service that for the moment is still being refined to be efficient in 2020. In short, we could well have a Next-Gen counterpart to the Xbox One S All Digital, released last May, whose price is proving to be terribly attractive – all you had to do was look up during Black Friday.

As for being sure of all this… For the moment, we’ll have to be content with a polite refusal to comment from Microsoft. Well, let’s meet again in 2020?

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