Episode 6: The One With The Butt


Joey finally gets an acting role in a new musical entitled “Freud,” and the rest of the gang attends to support him. While there, Chandler meets a very beautiful woman with quite an exotic look to her. He finds out that her name is Aurora and in no time starts dating her As Lately Proposed in Friends Season 1

Meantime, Joey is spotted by the Estelle Leonard Talent Agency. To his surprise, the agency gets him a job as the butt double for Al Pacino in his new movie. Unfortunately, Joey loses the job for being overacting.

Rachel on the other hand, cleans the apartment by herself for the first time. She feels good about herself especially after everyone says how good the place looks. That is, everyone except Monica, who is pissed off at Rachel for moving her green ottoman. An argument ensues.

Chandler finds out the hard way that Aurora, the girl he is dating, is actually married and already has another boyfriend. When she tries to pick another guy up, Chandler says that he doesn’t know if he can take it.

This episode mainly revolves around Rachel, who is once again torn by her ex lover, who happens to be currently engaged to her ex best friend. The lover is Barry, the infamous promiscuous surgeon who is engaged to Mindy, the said ex best friend of Rachel. During the affair with Barry, Rachel is constantly pressured by her peers to simply just break it off. She always relents vocally but always ends up delaying. In the end, Mindy invites her to talk wherein she confesses the affair with Barry. They both confront the doctor and break up with him but Mindy retracts her decision and still goes off to marry him

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