Patriotic Tattoo: 50 Sublime Ideas And Photos!

Patriotic Tattoos

Patriotic tattoos today is not so rare a thing to see as it may seem at first glance. It’s surprising, but many people value their heritage and are proud of their country. More often patriotic tattoo designs can be seen in American culture. There we can see designs of different patriotic tattoo that can represent all variants of the American flag, often the eagle with the flag as a background, the Statue of Liberty and many others.

In Russia, for example, patriotic tattoos can be seen in the form of mascots of the Tsar Empire or some communist symbols. In other countries usually such patriotic tattoo designs as flags are used.

As an alternative, patriotic tattoo can be the representation of a historical event, architectural masterpiece or portrait of a political leader.

The places for the patriotic tattoo application can also vary as the designs, but usually if the person is proud of anything, he is represented on the chest or on the shoulder. Of course there can be differences between genders and wills, but of course more often patriotic tattoos are visible on men.

So patriotic tattoos are designed to represent the pride of the person of one’s own country. The symbols that can be used in patriotic tattoo designs are very different: there can actually be used a wide variety of them with different combinations. Symbols, which are typically used in patriotic tattoo designs may include flags, or even mascots and emblems of certain specific places, such as the city or state. Essentially patriotic tattoos are widespread in the United States of America, but other people on the globe, residing in different countries, sometimes like to reveal their country’s pride using patriotic tattoo designs.

Flags are the most popular in patriotic tattoo designs. Usually, they represent the basic representation of the flag that resembles the piece of fabric that resides on the skin. It can be flat, and also the image of the flag can be waved. The size of this flag can be various – big or small. Also, different combinations of elements can be seen or even the flag itself is transformed into non-usual shapes, such as the rainbow, flower or heart. Scenes with the use of flags are also widespread. For example, the flag can be described in different war or battle scenes, it can be on the shoulders of the pin up girl or some children can hold in their arms.

Also in patriotic tattoo designs different flags can be represented by the appearance of cards and different styles of card-like designs. In these country drawings is represented in its geographical form, but some regions can be highlighted, probably the region where the wearer was born. Such element may include the indicator as well, at least its color. It can also be austere in these designs or the elegant silhouette or outline resembling the exact city, country or state. The ideas of patriotic tattoos can be different and very interesting. The most interesting of them seems to be the creation of the three-dimensional map, representing the country, with the use of small buildings, plants and people.

The more patriotic tattoo designs contain some symbols that are known and can be recognized by everyone and also very much related to the country of origin of the applicant. For the United States of America the best symbols turn out to be the eagle, scrolling with a script of certain style, the Statue of Liberty. If the applicant is domiciled in Italy, he may choose to Italian map or flag as patriotic tattoo design. If we are talking about India – it can be part of the music of their national anthem.

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