Finding the best free streaming site can sometimes be quite difficult. In my opinion it is simply because the top movie site and TV series tend to disappear quite frequently. This makes one have to be constantly looking for new pages. It must be said that there are not bad anyway. But the problem is that most are of poor quality. However, when you find one it can make life easier. That’s why I created this blog. So remember to add this page to your favorites to come back later.

The table below ranks the top 10 free streaming sites for watching movies and series without downloading. So I must admit that a great preference is given to reliable and reputable places. In addition, since many of our visitors are asking us to add sites to watch movies on mobile, it is now verified and indicated where it is needed. Otherwise, additional points are awarded for the number of updates, high-quality links, and positive reviews on the forums. Do not forget to read the complete description of each site in streaming, appearing at the bottom of the page. Check back here from time to time to check for new options as the rankings change quite often.

A large number of people who prefer to spend their free time
to watch the latest movies. There are those who love action movies
and science fiction and those who love romantic movies and comedy, while there are some who like to watch documentaries.

This site contains series and all the novelties of the movies, and you can even download movies.

Among the most popular sites for watching movies, every day there are novelties.
The connection to the server is fast with several CAMs, you can even enlarge the mode of visonnage.

This site contains cartoons and cartoon movies, very popular in cartoon movies.


If you are a movie fan, you can follow your favorite movies through these sites. and the top of them is SolarMovie1.Me


Here you really have the best streaming site. From the homepage we have the impression that there is something to choose.
Indeed, the menu offers several categories, including science fiction, animation, fantasy, comedy, action and so on. Below we are presented with some recent choices. What I like about them is the simplicity of finding what you are looking for.
IPad and mobile users will be able to watch movies on their phones using the new HTML5 video technology.