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n the Bassmaster Classic tournament, tension was high at the weigh-in… and not just because of the number of fish in each competitor’s bag. Rather, the tension was caused by the fear that the most valuable piece of information would be revealed: the tactic that works every time.

“We all try to keep our secrets as jealously as possible,” said competitor Dean Rojas. Sometimes it’s a colour that has worked in a particular situation, or a special way of casting the bait that gives you an advantage over other competitors. That’s why you’ll never see the older competitors talking to each other. »

Pat McIntire, President and CEO of bait manufacturer Pure Fishing, says, “We talk to fishermen so we can create new products, but with other fishermen, they don’t tell us everything. Alone, face to face, that’s where the good revelations come. »

So we asked these experts, individually, to give us their best advice. Try them on your next fishing trip. Once the fish start piling up in your boat, be kind: don’t betray the secret!

1. Glue the bait
When I fish in thick grass, I like to put a little drop of super glue on the hook and then put my worm on it. The glue holds the worm in place so you won’t lose it. Thanks to this technique, I’ve even won tournaments.
Steve Kennedy, winner of the 2005 Wal-Mart FLW Tour, Kentucky Lake

2. Slow down to catch bigger fish
If the fish suddenly stops biting, but you know it’s there, take a smaller bait and slow down your recovery. Switch from a seven-inch worm to a four-inch worm, and slow it down. Slowing down often allows you to catch bigger fish.
Eric Naig, fisherman with Crestliner Boats team

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3. Drag the line to the finish line
Unwind the fishing line from the reel and let it drag behind you for about 50 yards, behind the boat, en route to your destination. Then reel it in completely. For the rest of the day, the line will not get tangled or twisted.
Larry Nixon, twice named “BASS Angler of the Year.”

4. Don’t forget your Sharpie
I always carry 25 Sharpie markers in different colours to personalise my bait. Draw a small red line where the gills are and the bait looks like it is “bleeding”. To imitate a perch, I colour the fins orange. To imitate a shad, I add a black dot behind the eye, towards the tail.
Brent Ehrler, 2006 Wal-Mart FLW Tour Championship Winner

5. Tune your bait
Throw the bait and bring it back. Observe it until you get back to the boat. It should come straight back to you. If it turns to the right, turn the eyelet to the left with needle-nosed pliers or the other way around if it turns to the left. Poorly set bait does not look good and therefore does not attract fish.
Walt Ermanson, owner of Trophy Charters on Lake Erie

6. When nothing works, use a larva
I’ve used plastic larvae to catch just about everything from bass to perch to saltwater fish when nothing else worked. It’s subtle bait and the fish don’t have to swim as fast to catch it.
Jay Kumar, President and CEO of

7. Handle the fish with care
I try not to handle the fish so abruptly. Hold it by its lower lip and do not remove its protective mucous layer. The fish can get sick without its protective mucous membranes.
Violet Sesco, BASS’s oldest fisherman (80 years old) and competitor on the Women’s Bassmaster Tour

8. Imitate animals
Different animals lay eggs in the lakes, depending on the time of the month. This is normally the focus of the fish. Try things like shad, frog or larvae bait, or something like that. One of these will probably guarantee you a catch.
Mark Sexton, Bait Analyst, Berkley Fishing

9. Let the bait hit the bottom
After you throw, watch the line relax before you bring it back. This means that the bait has hit bottom, which is in the perfect zone. Then, as you reel in the line, lightly wiggle the rod with your other hand. This motion mimics that of a live worm very well.
Gerald Swindel, Fisherman of the Year BASS 2004

10. Find the pantry, you’ll find the fish!
I’m always looking for great blue herons: they seek the same food as my fish. When I find the herons, I know the fish are not far away.
Ken Penrod, Fishing Guide Hall of Fame

How do I choose the right cleaning company?

After a party or other event of some kind, has your home become untidy and unhealthy? Or do you simply feel the need to carry out maintenance cleaning or post-disaster cleaning at home? In both cases, you will have to resort to a cleaning company. But don’t choose just any cleaning company. In order to benefit from quality and impeccable services, you will have to carefully select the cleaning company that will take care of your case.

Of course, there are certain criteria that you must take into account. All you need to know is that there is no shortage of specialists in this field throughout Belgium, and not least almost everywhere in Europe. So there is a wide range of choices. In any case, it is always a good idea to make a cleaning estimate so that you can be better prepared.

What are the criteria to consider in finding the right specialist?

No one denies that finding the right cleaners is far from being a piece of cake. With so many companies offering this kind of service and the possibility of running into a scammer, it’s easy to get lost. Whether it’s for a rat extermination, a decontamination, a window cleaning, an industrial cleaning, an office cleaning, an end of construction site cleaning, a building cleaning or a carpet cleaning, the only solution that is offered to you so that you don’t make a mistake in this famous quest is to take certain points into consideration.

Techniques, human resources and equipment not to be neglected

In this step, you should find out more about the methods used by the company of your choice to process your application. You will need to find out how many staff they have on staff, the techniques they use, and the cleaning products they use, whether or not they are environmentally friendly. Favour establishments that have all the necessary means to carry out the cleaning service and guarantee punctual work. Those with specific techniques are not against it, but make sure that they are effective. Deciding for these companies will allow you to avoid possible unpleasant surprises.
Notoriety and references: equally important points

The reputation of this or that company offering a cleaning service can be seen on the web. You will therefore need to go on Google by typing the name of the company that has attracted your attention the most, specifying the location if necessary. In practice, those with the best rankings enjoy several testimonials from clients, whether positive or negative. And obviously, they remain visible on the first pages of the results. You don’t have to scroll too far to find them.
Certifications and labels not to be overlooked

Here you should check whether the industrial or multi-service cleaning company that captures your mind has any label on this area or on the disinfection and cleaning products it uses. The latter must be guaranteed NF Environnement and if possible, they must be able to provide bio-cleaning. If by misfortune you come across a non-labelled establishment, you can still make sure of its effectiveness and reliability by examining its certifications. These will help you to know if it complies with quality specifications or not.
What about the cleaning rate?

The cost of all services associated with cleaning is one of the key criteria in this selection. You may be led to choose the lowest, but beware because too low a price is likely to hide something fishy. A price that is too high, on the other hand, could be wasteful. The best thing to do is to make comparisons in order to banish mistakes. To make it easier for you, some agencies can do this for you. All you have to do is fill out a form and they’ll take care of the rest. They will try to send you as soon as possible a list of professionals in your area.

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Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft would always provide another, cheaper model

If at the time of this E3 2019 it seemed that the code name Scarlett designated a Microsoft Next-Gen console, the idea that two declinations are well planned comes back to the fore, thanks to a new investigation by Jason Schreier and Kotaku.

Since 2018 (Xbox Scarlett: Two models at launch? Update on new rumors), several sources converge on the possibility that under the name Scarlett there would be a model called Anaconda – a classic console with optical drive – another named Lockhart – without the possibility of reading any disk. Last June, an insider claimed that the idea had been abandoned (Rumour: Microsoft would be ready to abandon one of its two Scarlett consoles).

But Jason Schreier takes it from a developer that the Lockhart model is still planned. It would indeed be a machine without a drive, benefiting from an SSD, but also somewhat slimmed down in terms of performance, so that it comes with a more accessible entry price.

According to its source, in terms of raw graphics power, it would be at the level of a PS4 Pro, with a few special features, notably the main processor, which is much faster, allowing it to go higher and still believe in the future. Where the full Anaconda model would aim for an ideal 4K/60fps display, Lockhart would aim for 1440p/60fps.

Finally, the promotion of the console would be accompanied by a hype of the Xbox Game Pass offers and especially xCloud, a streaming service that for the moment is still being refined to be efficient in 2020. In short, we could well have a Next-Gen counterpart to the Xbox One S All Digital, released last May, whose price is proving to be terribly attractive – all you had to do was look up during Black Friday.

As for being sure of all this… For the moment, we’ll have to be content with a polite refusal to comment from Microsoft. Well, let’s meet again in 2020?

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PS5: The game of Bluepoint (Shadow of the Colossus) is the one that the studio is the most “proudest” of.

For several months now, Bluepoint Games has not hidden the fact that it has been working on an important PS5 game (PS5: Bluepoint Games (Shadow of the Colossus) on a “big” game). The studio has even more recently started teasing about this title (PS5: Bluepoint Games still teasing? let’s say… But what?). But for the moment, players still don’t know what it’s really about. In order to make the players’ curiosity even higher, the president of the studio has just put a layer on it.

The SegmentNext site recently had the opportunity to speak with Marco Thrush, the president of Bluepoint Games. Of course, the subject of the PS5 game the studio is working on was discussed. Unfortunately, the boss of Bluepoint can’t say much about it. However, it seems to be the studio’s most ambitious project to date:

We initially remastered Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 and then recreated it for the PS4. It’s the only game we’ve touched twice and it’s our biggest achievement to date. So it’s easy to say that it’s our favourite project. However, it’s obvious to us that our current project will become our proudest achievement.

Marco Thrush adds about this new PS5 game that they can only start talking about it when Sony is ready to make an official announcement. While it’s not officially known whether it’s a brand new game or a remake/remaster, the fact that Bluepoint is waiting for Sony’s green light suggests that it may be a new version of a well-known PlayStation First Party exclusive.

Given that a quote from Bluepoint was present in one of Wired’s articles containing official information about the PS5, it wouldn’t be surprising that this game is ready for the launch of the PS5 Storage. But this is just speculation on our part.

What do you think Bluepoint is working on? Will you be interested even if it’s a remaster/remake? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Friends Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6: The One With The Butt


Joey finally gets an acting role in a new musical entitled “Freud,” and the rest of the gang attends to support him. While there, Chandler meets a very beautiful woman with quite an exotic look to her. He finds out that her name is Aurora and in no time starts dating her As Lately Proposed in Friends Season 1

Meantime, Joey is spotted by the Estelle Leonard Talent Agency. To his surprise, the agency gets him a job as the butt double for Al Pacino in his new movie. Unfortunately, Joey loses the job for being overacting.

Rachel on the other hand, cleans the apartment by herself for the first time. She feels good about herself especially after everyone says how good the place looks. That is, everyone except Monica, who is pissed off at Rachel for moving her green ottoman. An argument ensues.

Chandler finds out the hard way that Aurora, the girl he is dating, is actually married and already has another boyfriend. When she tries to pick another guy up, Chandler says that he doesn’t know if he can take it.

This episode mainly revolves around Rachel, who is once again torn by her ex lover, who happens to be currently engaged to her ex best friend. The lover is Barry, the infamous promiscuous surgeon who is engaged to Mindy, the said ex best friend of Rachel. During the affair with Barry, Rachel is constantly pressured by her peers to simply just break it off. She always relents vocally but always ends up delaying. In the end, Mindy invites her to talk wherein she confesses the affair with Barry. They both confront the doctor and break up with him but Mindy retracts her decision and still goes off to marry him

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Wii Game Downloads – Review of Wii Media Downloads Site

There arent many places where you can find legal Wii game downloads, and the game selections dont even always work. A few month ago I started searching places on the web where I could find all the Wii game downloads that I wanted. I wasted a lot of time and money but I then I came across the Wii media downloads site.

This site has more than just Wii game downloads. They have downloads for games, movies, TV shows, music, software, sporting events and much more. For the small one time membership fee I got all the downloads I needed. Other sites charge per download but the Wii media downloads site gives you unlimited downloads for life. You can go on there 24 hours a day and download Wii games.

The downloads are very fast with no restrictions. You are provided with all of the necessary DVD to PC to Wii software to make your Wii games work flawlessly at no extra charge. They also give you free step by step tutorials that make downloading and installing very easy. Their media selection is huge and covers every variety of music, movies and games.

They offer top notch free 24 hour technical support. If you ever have any questions or problems, you can contact them with any technical questions. They will walk you step by step, through any problems you may be having with your Wii game downloads.

This site provides you with one of the access to one of the largest file networks on the planet and it is all 100% legal. Another very nice benefit is that you can start downloading you Wii games, music, movies and TV shows within minutes of joining. I havent come across any sites that off as much as this site does for what you pay.

I have seen a lot of sites pop up and fizz off over the past few months but I feel very fortunate to have come across this site because now my Wii is filled with 100+ movies, some of which are still in the theatres.

This site specializes in Wii game downloads and because of this, they have covered all the bases and left no stone unturned. This is by far the best collection of Wii game downloads that I have seen. Hands down, I would give this site 10/10 stars. This site is a no brainer if you need Wii game downloads and fun stuff on your Wii. Free PC Games Full Download

Best Sites To Watch Free Streaming Movies

Finding the best free streaming site can sometimes be quite difficult. In my opinion it is simply because the top movie site and TV series tend to disappear quite frequently. This makes one have to be constantly looking for new pages. It must be said that there are not bad anyway. But the problem is that most are of poor quality. However, when you find one it can make life easier. That’s why I created this blog. So remember to add this page to your favorites to come back later.

The table below ranks the top 10 free streaming sites for watching movies and series without downloading. So I must admit that a great preference is given to reliable and reputable places. In addition, since many of our visitors are asking us to add sites to watch movies on mobile, it is now verified and indicated where it is needed. Otherwise, additional points are awarded for the number of updates, high-quality links, and positive reviews on the forums. Do not forget to read the complete description of each site in streaming, appearing at the bottom of the page. Check back here from time to time to check for new options as the rankings change quite often.

A large number of people who prefer to spend their free time
to watch the latest movies. There are those who love action movies
and science fiction and those who love romantic movies and comedy, while there are some who like to watch documentaries.

This site contains series and all the novelties of the movies, and you can even download movies.

Among the most popular sites for watching movies, every day there are novelties.
The connection to the server is fast with several CAMs, you can even enlarge the mode of visonnage.

This site contains cartoons and cartoon movies, very popular in cartoon movies.


If you are a movie fan, you can follow your favorite movies through these sites. and the top of them is SolarMovie1.Me


Here you really have the best streaming site. From the homepage we have the impression that there is something to choose.
Indeed, the menu offers several categories, including science fiction, animation, fantasy, comedy, action and so on. Below we are presented with some recent choices. What I like about them is the simplicity of finding what you are looking for.
IPad and mobile users will be able to watch movies on their phones using the new HTML5 video technology.

Patriotic Tattoo: 50 Sublime Ideas And Photos!

Patriotic Tattoos

Patriotic tattoos today is not so rare a thing to see as it may seem at first glance. It’s surprising, but many people value their heritage and are proud of their country. More often patriotic tattoo designs can be seen in American culture. There we can see designs of different patriotic tattoo that can represent all variants of the American flag, often the eagle with the flag as a background, the Statue of Liberty and many others.

In Russia, for example, patriotic tattoos can be seen in the form of mascots of the Tsar Empire or some communist symbols. In other countries usually such patriotic tattoo designs as flags are used.

As an alternative, patriotic tattoo can be the representation of a historical event, architectural masterpiece or portrait of a political leader.

The places for the patriotic tattoo application can also vary as the designs, but usually if the person is proud of anything, he is represented on the chest or on the shoulder. Of course there can be differences between genders and wills, but of course more often patriotic tattoos are visible on men.

So patriotic tattoos are designed to represent the pride of the person of one’s own country. The symbols that can be used in patriotic tattoo designs are very different: there can actually be used a wide variety of them with different combinations. Symbols, which are typically used in patriotic tattoo designs may include flags, or even mascots and emblems of certain specific places, such as the city or state. Essentially patriotic tattoos are widespread in the United States of America, but other people on the globe, residing in different countries, sometimes like to reveal their country’s pride using patriotic tattoo designs.

Flags are the most popular in patriotic tattoo designs. Usually, they represent the basic representation of the flag that resembles the piece of fabric that resides on the skin. It can be flat, and also the image of the flag can be waved. The size of this flag can be various – big or small. Also, different combinations of elements can be seen or even the flag itself is transformed into non-usual shapes, such as the rainbow, flower or heart. Scenes with the use of flags are also widespread. For example, the flag can be described in different war or battle scenes, it can be on the shoulders of the pin up girl or some children can hold in their arms.

Also in patriotic tattoo designs different flags can be represented by the appearance of cards and different styles of card-like designs. In these country drawings is represented in its geographical form, but some regions can be highlighted, probably the region where the wearer was born. Such element may include the indicator as well, at least its color. It can also be austere in these designs or the elegant silhouette or outline resembling the exact city, country or state. The ideas of patriotic tattoos can be different and very interesting. The most interesting of them seems to be the creation of the three-dimensional map, representing the country, with the use of small buildings, plants and people.

The more patriotic tattoo designs contain some symbols that are known and can be recognized by everyone and also very much related to the country of origin of the applicant. For the United States of America the best symbols turn out to be the eagle, scrolling with a script of certain style, the Statue of Liberty. If the applicant is domiciled in Italy, he may choose to Italian map or flag as patriotic tattoo design. If we are talking about India – it can be part of the music of their national anthem.

Top 5 Reasons To Watch Rick And Morty

“Rick Sanchez is an elderly scientist who recently returned to his family. He spends most of his time training his grandson Morty on extraordinary and dangerous adventures across space and parallel universes. Added to the already unstable family life of Morty, these events bring him more stress at home and college. – Wikipedia

I would not say that I was harassed but say that some of my friends were

convincing enough for me to look at Watch Rick and Morty Season 1 and thank them for it.
In the end, I binge watché (the fact to chain many episodes very quickly) in 2/3 days, the three seasons and I do not regret it.

1 – There is the main story



Evil Morty
And maybe even a main villain who becomes more and more dangerous as the seasons go by.

Of course, this is not obvious during the first episodes, but we quickly notice that some characters become recurring and that events change entirely the universe surrounding our heroes.
I think of episode 6 of season 1 which deserves an article because it’s the episode that made me understand that this series was not like the others.

As for Sidonia no Knights, I can only advise you to hold until this episode that should convince the most reluctant of you.

2 – Rick and Morty are worth the detour

Rick, who seems to be a heartless mad scientist, shows that under his gentleman’s facade, “there is an infinity of universes” is someone who loves his family. We also guess that he had a life hectic given the clues delivered by a few episodes.
He is the ultimate genius and the most rick ricks!

One might think that Morty is just a sidekick and yet this character evolves little by little. As much in his relationship with Jessica as with himself or his grandfather.

3 – A comic anime


Back To The Future Rick And Morty
If one is the master of time, the other is the master of space!

We are dealing with a comedy anime where all the situations are right so that we laugh at the unfolding before the misadventures of our heroes or worse, the misfortunes which our heroes cause to the other personages.

The anime parodies a lot of works or real characters! Already the heroes seem to be a rude remix of Doc and Marty in “Back to the Future,” episodes can make fun of movies like “Jurassic Park” or concept like the “New Star.” I assure you even the historical characters are affected; you will understand it when you discover the fusion between Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. Watch Rick And Morty Online Free At

4 – But with relatively dark aspects

Death is present in this anime and where we do not expect it. Expect any character to die or anything except Rick and Morty. And again there are punishments worse than death.
That’s why this anime reminds me of Gintama. They have no just similarities that they are such grandiose works that one can not categorize them.
Rick and Morty will make you laugh, cry, be optimistic, be nihilist, etc but especially despite the crazy and aberrative situations will speak to you necessarily.

5 – It’s a really original anime

Rick And Unity
Yes, Grandpa Rick is so funny that I am surprised that no episodes are showing his encounter with certain characters.

In anime, manga, cartoons, etc. we always have episodes “fillers” to save time or “fan service.” Otherwise, we have episodes of refills because the author or authors have no ideas but this is not the case in Rick and Morty.

The anime does not run out of steam because it lives from one dimension to another, from one universe to another and even the episodes where our heroes stay at home are excellent. Each episode has its place and allows us to better discover our heroes, their family, or even other characters and other worlds.
I assure you Rick and Morty are far from the only crazy characters in this series.